Route: Vienna ↔ Bratislava ↔ Zilina

Vienna International Airport (Flughafen Wien) - Schwechat ↔ Bratislava Main Bus Station ( Bratislava AS, Autobusova Stanica Mlynske Nivy)

Regular (very frequent) bus connection can be found at:
Distance: ~60 km
Price: less than 10 €
Duration: ~60 min
Look either for Slovaklines or Eurolines and destination: Mlynske Nivy on monitors in the front of the airport entrance.

Bratislava Main Bus Station (Autobusova Stanica Mlynske Nivy) ↔ Bratislava Central Railway Station (Hlavna Stanica)

Trolleybus line No. 210, its timetable:
Price: 0.70 €
Duration: 13 min

Bratislava Central Railway Station (Hlavna Stanica) ↔ Zilina Railway Station (Stanica)

Train timetable:
After switching to English, search for "Bratislava (station, district Bratislava)" and "Zilina (station, district Zilina)", than check up on the received information for "Overall time", "distance" and "price". It should go: Overall time 2 hours 46 min., distance 203 km, price 9,38 EUR (Oct. 2016)

Zilina Railway Station (Zeleznicna Stanica) ↔ Zilina University (Zilinska Univerzita)


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